Have an At-Home Workshop? Why You Should Add a CBN Grinder Wheel to Your Arsenal

Doing woodwork out of the comfort of your at-home workshop can be a very fulfilling pastime. Not only do you get to tackle personal projects but you may have friends or neighbors who see your skill and begin to request work from you as well. You probably have many pieces of equipment to help you handle your tasks such as a table saw, air compressor, and maybe even a drill press.

Useful Personal Protection Gear When Operating An Automatic Girth Welder

If you're involved in completing horizontal welds, an automatic girth welder is an important machine to invest in. Like any welding machine, It does come with some inherent risks when operational. So that you prepare for them in advance and prevent serious accidents from occurring, consider wearing the following personal protection gear.  Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Your face and eyes are susceptible to injury if you're not careful when using an automatic girth welder.

Transparent Aluminum? Inspired By Star Trek, Now A Reality

The world of science fiction has always spawned ideas that have pushed technology farther than humans ever thought possible. Many of these inventions are now part of daily life, and they can frequently be accredited to television shows and movies, like Star Trek. For example, transparent aluminum, which was a concept that originally appeared in film, has gone way beyond just being a concept. It is a real product now, and one that you have to see to believe.