Useful Personal Protection Gear When Operating An Automatic Girth Welder

If you're involved in completing horizontal welds, an automatic girth welder is an important machine to invest in. Like any welding machine, It does come with some inherent risks when operational. So that you prepare for them in advance and prevent serious accidents from occurring, consider wearing the following personal protection gear. 

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Your face and eyes are susceptible to injury if you're not careful when using an automatic girth welder. To give them adequate protection during your welds, you'll need a high-quality auto-darkening welding helmet. It will completely shield your eyes and face from sparks.

Not only that, but when you strike up the automatic girth welder and start your horizontal welds, the lens of the helmet will instantly darken. Thus, your eyes will be completely protected from the bright light coming from the welding machine. This is important for preventing flash burn, which is painful inflammation of the cornea. 

Thick Cowhide Gloves

Since your hands will be so close to the automatic girth welder while it's operational, they need adequate protection. You'll get this when you invest in a pair of thick cowhide gloves. Cowhide is an extremely durable material that will resist catching on fire should sparks fly near your hands.

A lot of cowhide gloves today also have textured fingertips, which is an important design as it enables you to retain grasp of whatever components you're manipulating on the automatic girth welder. This will prevent slippage that could result in a bad hand injury.

Anti-Slip Work Boots

Retaining your footing around an automatic girth welder is so important from a safety standpoint. This will be a lot easier to achieve when you equip your feet with anti-slip work boots. Not only are these boots extremely durable, but their outsoles have anti-slip technology.

What this means is you'll be able to walk on virtually any surface and not lose footing. This is so important for avoiding significant burns to your body and worse. Work boots with anti-slip outsoles can even give you added grip on slippery surfaces, such as oil and water. You can thus have peace of mind when walking around your welding site.

Using an automatic girth welder is great for quick horizontal welds. If you plan on using one on a regular basis, it behooves you to equip your body with the right protection attire. Then, you can weld with supreme confidence.