2 Signs A Hydraulic Cylinder In Your Factory's Equipment Needs Repairs

When you have factory equipment that operates using a hydraulic system, the pistons move through the fluid inside the cylinders to create pressure. When everything is working as intended, the motion will be smooth and consistent, and you should not hear loud noises coming from the cylinders.

However, when there are problems with the hydraulic system, such as fluid leaks or air in the cylinders, it will no longer be able to maintain the pressure needed for the equipment to operate. Below are a couple of signs that there is an issue with the hydraulic cylinder in your factory's equipment that will need to be fixed by a professional. 

1. Piston Inside the Cylinder Is No Longer Moving in a Smooth, Consistent Manner

One sign that there is a serious issue with your equipment's hydraulic cylinder that needs to be repaired as soon as possible is when you notice that the piston that pumps inside the cylinder no longer moves in a smooth, consistent manner. You will find that it starts to jerk and stutter, often behaving erratically at the same points along its path.

Known as juddering, this inconsistent motion is usually the result of air pockets in the fluid. As the piston hits the pockets of air, the air temporarily stops it, making it have to force its way through. Since air contamination is usually a sign of a leak somewhere, a professional will be needed to find the source of the leaks and repair it.

2. Hydraulic Cylinder Loses Pressure While Making Loud Banging Noises 

Another sign that the hydraulic cylinder needs repairing is when the system loses pressure while the cylinders make loud noises. Normally, as the pistons move through the hydraulic fluid, the fluid cushions them as they build up pressure within the system.

However, if fluid is leaking out of the cylinder, there is not enough to build up pressure or cushion the pistons as they move. This will result in not only a loss of pressure necessary to run the equipment, but the pistons will make loud banging noises as they move through the cylinders.

If the hydraulic cylinder that operates a piece of your factory's equipment has started juddering and/or is making banging noises whenever it is operating, there may be a hydraulic fluid leak. Or, air may be entering the otherwise closed system through a crack in the cylinder. 

Contact a local hydraulic cylinder repair service to learn more.