Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Commercial Heating System

Is your commercial heating bill more expensive than you'd like it to be? There may be some changes or adjustments you can make within your building or on your property in order to get your energy costs down.

Here are some energy efficiency tips for your commercial heating system. 

Install Programmable Thermostats

If your heating system is heating every room equally around the clock, this is likely wasting money that you don't have to spend. Install some programmable thermostats throughout your building and hook them all up to the heating system. You may be able to turn the temperature down in certain areas or rooms when you know that no one will be there. For example, if you are leaving the heat on full blast in the company conference room on a day when it will not be in use, this is a waste of money. A programmable thermostat can also lower the temperature at night after everyone leaves for the day but then have the temperature back up to a comfortable level before everyone returns the next morning.

Ensure Proper Insulation and Seals

It's a good idea to have a commercial heating professional inspect your entire system from time to time. This should include a close look at your air ducts or any areas where you might be at risk of a loose seal. If your heat is not making it all the way through the system to the vents because of a loose seal, this is just wasting energy. You may also want to take a look at your overall insulation as this can help keep the heat inside the building and keep the cold air outside from getting in.

Clean Filters and the Rest of the System

A dirty commercial heating system will run less efficiently. Make sure you are swapping out or cleaning your air filters on a regular basis. It could also help to have a professional clean out the system as much as possible from time to time. If it's been a long time since you've had your air ducts cleaned, there could be dust and debris in there that is making the circulation of heat less efficient.

Open the Curtains

Make more use of natural sunlight where you can so that your heating system doesn't have to stay on all the time. Open all blinds or curtains during the day and the sun coming in from outside will naturally warm the building so that your heating system doesn't have to do it all by itself.

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