What You Need To Know About Maintaining And Servicing Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are used in many shops to efficiently power many different tools and equipment. When adding a new compressor to your shop, getting one large enough to do the job is vital, and maintaining it is critical. If you are unsure what to buy, a visit to one of the many air compressor dealers near your area is an excellent way to get some idea of what is available, the price range for them, and the type of compressor you need to produce the air pressure you need. 

Maintaining Your Compressor

Once you have chosen an air compressor for your shop, you need to maintain it to ensure it will work correctly and be dependable over time. The compressor uses a piston and crankshaft inside the pump that compresses air much like a small engine does.

The air is drawn in as the piston moves down in the bore through an intake valve. On the next stroke of the piston, the air is compressed and then flows into a storage tank to maintain the pressure and build a storage volume to operate tools and equipment. 

The compression process requires lubrication of the piston and other moving parts inside the pump. Your air compressor dealer will have the proper oil to ensure the system runs appropriately. The oil change intervals for the compressor can vary by brand, amount of time on the compressor, and the size of the unit, but the dealer can help you determine how often you should be changing the oil in your system.

The air filter that cleans the air as it comes into the compressor also needs regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend visually inspecting the filter to determine if it needs cleaning or replacing. If the air filter is obstructed, it can reduce the air coming into the compressor pump and reduce the outflow of air available for tools and other equipment.

Genuine Parts And Accessories

If you need filters, belts, or other parts for your air compressor, visiting air compressor dealers in your area or online is often the best way to ensure you are getting genuine parts that will fit and work correctly for your machine. While the components may not seem much different from the generic parts available from some distributors, the parts may have something specific about them that is important to your system. 

Servicing your air compressor is very straightforward, but if you are uncomfortable doing it, especially if the compressor is new, many air compressor dealers can offer service advice. Some may even be able to send someone out to work on the compressor for you. Check with a dealer such as Quincy air compressor dealers to see if they offer service or can walk you through the requirements for your air compressor so you can do the work yourself.