What Is A Blinded Baghouse Filter?

The filters on baghouses help remove and contain dust. While filters can last for a long time, they won't last forever. As they get older, they might start to suffer from some problems which affect the way they work.

For example, older filters sometimes become blinded. What does this mean and what should you do when this happens?

What Is Baghouse Blinding? 

Filters play a pivotal role in a baghouse's cleaning function. They collect dust on their fabric surfaces from contaminated substances and materials.

So, for example, if a baghouse cleans up dust from gases, then the gases pass through the system's filter. The filter cleans particulates out of the gases during this process by trapping them. The residual dust then sits on the filter where it molds into a cake-like block over time.

Every now and then, the system runs a cleaning cycle. This cycle typically uses compressed air to break up the dust block. The loose particulates then fall into a collection hopper, leaving the filter clean again. You can then collect the dust and dispose of it safely.

While this collect/clean cycle works effectively to start with, a filter will naturally start to degrade over time. Some dust particles will inevitably stick inside the filter's fabric. They won't be broken up and blown down into the collection hopper.

Eventually, more and more particles will embed in the filter. Standard cleaning cycles won't be able to clean the filter and will eventually stop doing their job. It clogs up so much that it can't clean its materials or substances because they can't pass through it. The dust gets in the way.

When a baghouse filter reaches this state, then it becomes blind. This means it loses its effectiveness.

What Should You Do With A Blinded Baghouse Filter?

Sometimes, you can get a little more Iife out of a blinded baghouse filter by running a more strenuous cleaning cycle. For example, if you have the option of a continuous or deep clean, then this intensive clean might clear the filter enough to make it useable again.

However, blinding is a sign that your filter is close to the end of its working life. If you can't clean it effectively, then you will have to replace it. It isn't able to collect dust any longer.

To find out more about blinding and whether your filter needs replacing, then contact a company like Faulkner Industrial.