Important Precautions When Using Metric Set Screws On Materials

Metric set screws are unique in that they don't have heads and are fully threaded. Such distinct properties yield great results when combining materials that rotate. If you want these metric fasteners to have the right results you're looking for, browse through this installation advice.

Be Careful About Making Holes Yourself

Sometimes your materials won't have existing holes that are ready to support metric set screws. You might have to make them from scratch and if that's the case, be careful to not damage the materials. That would make it much harder to get set screws in place. 

Find a drill bit with the right dimensions—according to the set screws you plan on driving into materials—and then drill to the appropriate depth. Then you'll be ready to add internal threads to the holes as to not have as much resistance from the set screws. 

Make Sure You're Using a Compatible Point

Metric set screws may not have heads, but they do have points. There are several point options you can get from metric fastener suppliers and distributors, including dog, cup, oval, flat, and half-dog point tips. There are plenty of online diagrams of each to save you the trouble of physically examining each option in person.

You just need to make sure you're using a compatible point for the material you're driving into and the overall purpose of your metric set screws. For instance, if you're trying to secure these fasteners permanently, a cone point would suffice because of its exceptional grip strength once placed into materials far enough. 

Use the Correct Internal Wrenching Device

To have a better grip on metric set screws placed inside materials, you want to use an internal wrenching device. The most common for these fasteners is a hex key (Allen wrench). You just need to make sure it has the right diameter and also the right length. Then you can rotate this wrenching device clockwise to tighten the metric set screw inside the material. As long as you know what depth is appropriate, the fastener will remain in place and support additional materials correctly.

Metric set screws are going to be the best resource to use when supporting multiple materials, especially if they need to rotate. They vary in size, materials, and points. As long as you study the particular attributes of these fasteners and support them with the right tools, they won't be difficult to use. 

To learn more, contact companies that sell metric fasteners.