A Property Manager's Guide To Tractor Rental

Managing multiple real estate properties can be a significant undertaking. Landscape maintenance and property improvement are two vital aspects of property management that should never be overlooked.

Access to the right tools and equipment is critical in the successful management of a property's landscape and updates. Tractors are among the most versatile tools that you can bring to your worksite.

Renting a tractor provides you with a simple and affordable way to reap the benefits a tractor can offer when caring for your rental properties in the future.

Identify Your Job Requirements

It's important that you identify all aspects of the job you will be performing before you visit your local heavy equipment rental store.

Tractors can be fitted with various attachments that allow them to perform a wide range of tasks. You can use a tractor for everything from moving some topsoil to pulling out old tree stumps.

Identifying each task you hope to accomplish throughout your landscaping or property improvement project can help you ensure you are renting the right equipment.

A rental specialist will identify which attachments will suit your needs, allowing you to more efficiently use a rented tractor.

Consider Delivery, Pick-Up, and Storage

Delivery, pick-up, and storage are all important considerations when you are renting a piece of heavy equipment.

If you don't have a truck and trailer large enough to transport the tractor to and from the rental facility, you may need to rent these items in order to access your tractor.

Many rental companies will offer delivery and pick-up for rented equipment if you pay a small fee. Evaluate whether or not this fee is less than the cost of arranging for transport yourself to keep tractor rental costs low.

You are responsible for the safety of the tractor while it is in your care. Have a plan in place regarding where to store your rented tractor. Make sure it will be sheltered against vandalism and damage caused by the elements.

Ask for a Demonstration

You should always ask the rental company for a demonstration before you complete the rental process for your tractor. A demonstration will allow you to become familiar with all of the features available on your rented tractor so that you can utilize the machine more efficiently.

The demonstration process will also reveal any potential maintenance issues or performance problems that might interfere with the function of the tractor. Should any of these issues arise, the rental company can quickly exchange that tractor with another one that is in perfect working condition.

Without a demonstration, you won't uncover problems until you fire up the tractor on your work site. You will waste valuable time exchanging the tractor, and your tenants may become annoyed when your landscaping or property improvement projects are delayed.

 Inquire About Repairs

No matter how well-maintained your rented tractor may be, the potential for mechanical failure is always present.

You want to ensure that your rental contract allows for immediate repairs in the event that your tractor malfunctions. Ask if a technician will be dispatched to your work site to make the necessary repairs or if you will need to exchange the tractor for a new one if a mechanical failure occurs.

It's essential that you have a complete understanding of the rental company's maintenance and repair policies so that you don't end up with unexpected costs when returning your tractor to the rental facility.

If you need a versatile and powerful tool to help you improve the landscape of your rental properties, consider renting a tractor. A rented tractor gives you immediate and affordable access to the heavy machinery you need to maintain your rental properties effectively.

To learn more, contact a heavy equipment rental company.