3 Advantages Of High Power Diode Lasers

Over the last few years, the use of diode lasers has grown in popularity across a multitude of industrial applications. High power diode lasers are commonly utilized in the operation of laser micro-processes that require great precision, such as cutting, marking, soldering, and drilling. As manufacturing companies continue to strive towards more streamlined ways of doing business, laser diodes offer a robust range of benefits. Here are 3 of those advantages that any organization will recognize after using high power laser diodes for their processing needs. 

1) Efficiency

High power diode lasers are acclaimed for providing the most efficient sources of artificial light. With the ability to easily transform electrical energy to visible light, these lasers consistently deliver stronger power and brightness levels than alternative options. Generally, diode lasers improve the conversion efficiency from electrical to optical energy at considerably high rates. This means that the amount of consumed electrical power needed to produce a certain degree of optical output power is substantially less with diode lasers. As a result, high power diode lasers are well-suited for supplying the optical energy necessary in material processing and industrial manufacturing. The increased efficiency is a nice benefit for companies looking to gain more power per unit cost.

2) Long Lifespan 

With proper care, high power diode lasers can last a very long time. This durability is what makes high power laser diodes so cost-effective and attractive to most companies that perform a great deal of detailed processes. Furthermore, the required maintenance is relatively minimal. In fact, to maintain the potency of the diode laser, technicians must only protect the laser from dust and humidity and operate it within the recommended temperature range, especially if the laser is used on a daily basis. 

3) Size 

Another major benefit of a high power diode laser is its size. Since the laser is so small, it can be used for a variety of tasks that call for meticulous accuracy. For example, the laser's microscopic quality can greatly improve non-invasive medical procedures, such as those that treat some kinds of skin cancer. It is also a good option for the precision of linear barcode laser marking and microelectronic fabrication. Ultimately, the compact and lightweight nature of a high power diode laser truly makes it a convenient choice for a variety of purposes. 

High power diode lasers remain at the forefront of material processing and industrial manufacturing. As the increased use of this dependable tool continues, the advantages of the laser diode will surely grow as well. Reach out to a company like J Tech Photonics, Inc. for more information about high power diode lasers.