Build a Solid Foundation with the Right Tools and Supplies

The foundation of any building is critical to the rest of the structure. If the base is weak, the building will be vulnerable as well. Most buildings start with concrete footings to provide a stable support and then have cement blocks placed on the footing to form the foundation of the building. A mason can build the foundation walls very quickly, and when done right, it will last for many years.

Block or Brick Suppliers

Before you can build the foundation walls for a building, you need bricks or blocks to work with. Most of the time, cement blocks are used for their strength and relatively reasonable cost. Cement blocks are easy to find now as well. Most home centers have them, and many will deliver them to your site if you are buying a large number of blocks. If you need just a few blocks for a small project, you can get them, but you will have to haul them yourself. 

Mortar and Cement Premix

The mortar that joins the blocks is equally important. If it is not mixed right, it can become weak and brittle, leaving you with weak walls that could fail over time. There are many premix products you can use that only need water to make the perfect mortar for you. Follow the directions carefully, and the mortar will be just right for your needs. If you are not sure what mortar you need, talk with the salesperson when you buy the blocks. They can help you select the right mortar for the job you are doing. 

Masonry Tools and Equipment

The tools to properly put the mortar and the blocks in place are also available at the home center. If you have never done any masonry work, you might not know what you need, but again the salespeople can be an excellent resource for you. Most of them have experience with the tools and supplies that they are going to help you select. For most jobs, you are going to need several different trowels to apply the mortar, a mason's line, a level, a mason's hammer, and a rubber mallet to set the block into the mortar. 

For more information about masonry supplies, contact a building supply professional near you.

Hire a Professional

If all this seems overwhelming, you can hire a professional mason to come and build your walls for you. They have the tools, equipment, and experience to do the job right. For critical projects, you may be required to use a licensed mason for your project, but check with your local building inspector to get that information.