3 Mistakes To Avoid In The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding requires attention to detail and technical expertise. Unfortunately, mistakes made in the design and setup of the mold can result in a tremendous financial loss. If you manage a molding business, here are some mistakes to watch for and how you can avoid them.  

Selecting a Low-Quality Mold

The quality of the injection mold plays a huge role in how successful the final product is. To save money on production, it might be tempting to select a lower quality mold, but it can have serious consequences on your production and the finished product. 

There are various factors that you should consider when selecting an injection mold, including the durability of the part. You also need to factor in the volume that will be produced with the mold. For instance, if the project you are working on will be short-lived, you do not necessarily need to focus on molds that are designed for long-term usage. You can instead focus on a mold that will meet your needs now. 

Failing to Dry the Molding

During production, foreign substances can sometimes end up in the mold and contaminate the finished product. When this occurs, the product's surface can start to peel. The peeling can leave the product less than durable and result in even further damage.  

You can avoid this by taking the time to dry the molding before working with it. If the peeling still occurs, increasing the temperature of the mold can sometimes help to counter any moisture that is leading to the contamination. 

Molding Equipment Continuously Fails

The molding equipment requires regular maintenance. If the equipment is being used on a continuous basis, wear and tear can start to age the parts and prevent them from operating as they should. When this occurs, problems, such as a broken ejector pin, can result.  

Breakdowns or failures with the equipment can only lead to delays and eventually, costly repairs. Simple maintenance of the equipment can help you avoid this. One way to detect problems is to start each day with a simple inspection of the equipment. Taking steps, such as checking the venting, can also help avoid product problems, including burn marks and warping.  

There are a host of other mistakes that could potentially derail production. Consult with your injection molding supplier and other professionals, such as Accurate  Products Inc., to further learn what you can do to protect your equipment and product.