3 Safety Tips For Restaurant CO2 Storage

As a restaurant owner, you know firsthand that things can get hectic. At any given time, you have a dining room full of guests and a kitchen full of staff. With so many moving parts, safety becomes critical. Start your focus on safety with your CO2 storage. Sure, it gives the fizz to soft drinks, but when handled and stored incorrectly, it can be very dangerous.

Create A Dedicated Space

Ensure your team is keeping the CO2 in a dedicated space. This is vital for several reasons. First, it can help minimize the risk of damage to any other storage tanks. If they are stored in an inconvenient location, the tanks can get knocked over repeatedly, which can eventually damage the tank and possibly cause a leak.

This is also important as it helps prevent the risk of cross-contamination. A dedicated space as far away from the food prep area as possible is ideal. Lastly, many municipalities require this as part of their safety guidelines, so failing to have a dedicated space may be a violation.

Task Out Responsibility

Even though you are working with a delivery company to handle the CO2, it is still wise to task out a small group of team members that are responsible for maintaining the storage tanks. The people on this team need to understand the risks that these tanks pose and how to properly handle them.

By keeping the number of hands on the equipment smaller, you can drastically lower the risk of an incident. It should be clear that anyone not trained to handle the tanks should not be doing so. This is a role best suited for managers or supervisors.  

Only Get What You Need

In the food service industry, the last thing you want to have to do is tell a guest that they can't have a certain menu item because you've run out of the ingredients to make it. This goal often causes people to overstock. Don't do this with CO2.

It's best to work with the delivery company to determine your cellar gas consumption, which is determined by volume of use, to determine how much excess carbon you need on-site. Remember, the more tanks you have just sitting around, the greater the safety threat.

Make certain you are keeping safety in mind. Not only do your guests deserve a safe environment, but the team members that work so hard for you do too. For more information, contact local professionals like Terry Supply Co.