Three Tips For Buying Plastic Seals And Tubing Equipment

When you work in the industrial business, medical, food and beverage or any other business that requires airtight connections for liquids or gases, you need to invest in plastic seals and tubing. To do this, you should reach out to a company that will allow you to purchase the highest quality materials possible. To learn more about how to buy these products, you need to look into the different designs available, assess what you are looking for and more. To learn more about these steps, read on.

Buying the right design

Consider the design possibilities below in order to make the most of your plastic seal and tubing purchase:

  • The T-shaped fittings – the seals and tubings are literally designed into the shape of the letter T. They are used to route fluid from one point to another at 90° angles.
  • Coupling tubings – these fittings require dual pipes that are fitted in straight lines and contain a nut, thread and tail.
  • Plug seals – these materials are used to create an airtight connection throughout a pipeline.

All of these materials can be used with different materials, including PVC, CPVC and copper.

What to look for when purchasing seals and tubing

Consider these factors when looking to purchase seals and tubing:

  • Hardness and softness – one of the first things you should consider is the softness and hardness of your hoses and tubes. You can measure this using a durometer, so that you understand the materials that you are using in order to acquire the proper seals and tubing for your equipment.
  • Flammability – depending on your application, you need to know how hot the elements can get in order for it to avoid catching fire. In certain industries, this may be a non-issue depending on the materials being transported, but if you work with high temperature fluids and gases, you would do well to purchase nonflammable tubing.
  • The quality of your material – be sure that you look into the certifications of the material you are purchasing. For instance, if you are purchasing tubing and seals for food processing or other materials in the food and beverage industries, make sure that it is FDA certified. Always look through the quality of the material in order to provide your equipment with the greatest infrastructure possible.

Look into the weight

To purchase the best seals and tubing, always check the weight. The weight will also define important attributes, such as the thickness and reinforcement that can be provided for your equipment. This will let you find the best brand and reinforcement materials that you can get your hands on.

These three tips will help you out when purchasing your seal and tubing products. To learn more, contact a company like Seal Pneumatics