Need A Scaffolding? 3 Tips That Will Keep You Safe While You're Working

If you have to take care of home improvement projects that are going to require you to work on the upper levels of your home, you might be thinking about renting scaffolding equipment. One of the benefits of renting a scaffolding instead of using ordinary ladders is that the scaffolding will provide you with an elevated workspace. However, along with the elevated workspace comes additional safety hazards, especially if you've never used scaffolding equipment before. If you're going to rent scaffolding for your next project, you need to be make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. Here are three ways to protect yourself on a scaffolding.

Watch Out for Power Lines

Before you set up your scaffolding, you need to know where the power lines are in your yard. Those power lines can lead to serious injuries and even death if you come into contact with them. While you might think it would be difficult to reach the power lines, it's not. All it takes is one false move with an extendable pole and you're going to be in serious trouble.  Protect yourself and those around you from electrocution by keeping your scaffolding at least 10 feet away from all power lines.

Avoid High Winds

High winds and scaffolding do not mix. Before you get started on your project, check the local weather conditions. If winds are expected at any time during the day, and you'll be using the scaffolding that day, you should reschedule until the threat of winds has passed. One strong gust of wind can topple your scaffolding, sending you crashing to the ground.

Always Work in Teams

Whenever you use a scaffolding, you need to work as a team, with one person on the ground monitoring at all times. While you might think you'll be safe on the scaffolding alone, you're not going to be able to monitor the activities around you while your attention is on the task at hand. To protect yourself and prevent accidents, be sure you have someone on the ground monitoring the scaffolding for you. Be sure to have them watch for loose braces or unstable ground conditions, either of which can cause the scaffolding to collapse.

Before you rent a scaffolding for your next home improvement project, make sure you understand the safety precautions involved in their use. The safety tips provided above will help you avoid accidents while you're using your scaffolding. Click here to learn more about scaffold for rent.