4 Keys For Air Compressor Maintenance

Any time you want to make sure that your industrial equipment is working to your advantage, it will take some serious focus on maintaining the air compressor. By handling matters in this way, you will be in a good position to keep your equipment up to par, without having to pay an arm and a leg in expensive replacements and repairs. These tips will apply no matter what sort of industrial equipment you are using, including flygt pumps, centrifugal blowers and gardner Denver blowers. Follow the keys below and use them to your advantage, in order to continuously maximize on your industrial equipment maintenance. 

Air Compressor Maintenance Tip #1: Prevent Moisture Buildup Through Proper Drainage

Excessive moisture prevents your air compressor from working properly and can also cause mold and other forms of damage. To prevent this, you should regularly access your tank pressure valve in order to remove the moisture from this tank. Typically, this can either be done regularly, or with each use, depending on the size and scale of your air compressor use. 

Air Compressor Maintenance Tip #2: Look After Your Air Pressure And Electrical Use

When you want your air compressor to thrive, make sure that you keep air pressure levels under control. Do this by accessing the safety release valve and also making sure that you have no leaks within your lines. This goes hand in hand with electrical use as well, by making sure that you do not have any sort of wear and tear on the cords. Worn down cords can cause serious health and safety risks in addition to equipment malfunction. 

Air Compressor Maintenance Tip #3: Take Great Care Of Your Hoses

Your compressor features a series of hoses that will allow it to work consistently, so the care and maintenance of these hoses is essential. Check these hoses for leaks and cracks on a regular basis. You should also keep tabs on your air filters, so that you are not overworking your system and hoses, due to clogged filters. 

Air Compressor Maintenance Tip #4: Buy A Maintenance Plan

Finally, one of the most critical things you can do for your air compressor is put it under a warranty or maintenance plan. You can buy one of these plans from professional industrial contractors, who can look after the ins and outs of it on a regular basis for you. This plan will act as an excellent investment into your equipment. 

Follow these four tips, so that you get the most of your air compressor over the years. 

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