Recycling Materials From Computers Destined For The Dumpster

Removing entire departments with hundreds of computers is no small task, and you could be throwing away valuable recyclables in the process. Some materials inside computers can be sold to recycling centers for better prices than their whole computer rates, but it all depends on the daily rate and how much of the material you manage to remove. Take a look at a few computer recycling points to understand what you're getting rid of.

What Materials Are Worth Recycling?

With desktop computers, start with the biggest materials first. Computer cases are often made out of aluminum or steel. Modern desktops may have plastic or acrylic outsides, but the framework is still made out of aluminum.

As you scrap other materials, you'll still be left with the aluminum framework. The case and frame can be bent and broken down into smaller pieces, but if your business has enough room, it may be better to simply stack the cases in a corner once the other materials are recovered.

Another source of aluminum is the heat sink, which is used to draw heat away from critical components such as the processor. Heat sinks are solid blocks of aluminum or copper with thin fins that point away from the component being cooled. Technicians can remove heat sinks for easier storage in recycling bins, but they'll need to be careful. The fins are often cut to a nearly razor-like thinness, which can slice fingers with a slight brush against the heat sink.

Another valuable material inside computers is copper. The wires are made of copper, but there's also a copper core inside the power supply unit. It's better to leave the power supply unit intact but removed from the computer, since the capacitors inside the power supply can hold lethal charges of electricity.

Finally, hard drives contain rare earth magnets that can be taken to recycling centers or sold to hobbyists. The machine-cut magnets are in designs that are convenient for hobby purposes, and you can set a price that's cheaper than store-bought magnets.

Getting Containers In Place For Removal

To make recycling easier, make sure to put different materials in dedicated recycling containers. Containers that can be hand-carried are available from dumpster rental professionals and can be color coordinated for different materials.

For larger materials such as cases or bulk machinery, a full-sized dumpster may be necessary. Dumpster rental professionals can deliver a sanitized dumpster with a low entry point that can be easily loaded without having to lift the recyclables too high.

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