Three Guidelines for Equipment Moving Services

When you need to be sure that you are making the most of your heavy equipment move, you may want to hire licensed and professional equipment movers for best results. These professionals will handle the heavy lifting for you in order to lighten your burden and give you the greatest measure of efficiency. However, it will take some knowledge and understanding on your behalf to streamline this process and make it a reality. 

#1: Make Sure That Your Equipment is in the Best Condition Prior to Moving

The most important step of this process is to take thorough inventory of your equipment to be moved prior to hiring the movers. You should take inventory of every single piece along with its condition. Follow this up with plenty of photos and video so that you have evidence in case you need to file an insurance claim. This will allow you to protect your investment and also have recourse if anything happens to your inventory when transporting it from Point A to Point B. 

#2: Consider Getting Additional Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

Touch base with a prospective heavy equipment moving company to see what other sort of additional services they might offer. For instance, many will throw in advance installation and inventory services which will make your life much easier. Paying a little bit extra to have a professional install your equipment at your destination can save you money in the long run, since you'll experience less down time as you transition to your new location. This may be worth the investment and will definitely ease your peace of mind in the process. 

#3: Know the Cost of Hiring a Heavy Equipment Mover

Shopping around for different heavy equipment movers will be absolutely key in allowing you to use your money to the best of your ability. Set out with a budget for how much you are willing to pay for heavy equipment moving and then reach out to these companies to see how much they are charging. These prices can vary greatly, as you can expect to pay between a range of $320 and $18,600 for your move, depending on how many items you have, the distance, the amount of labor involved and a host of other circumstances. 

Consider these three points as you look to set up a heavy equipment move. If you have any other questions, consider contacting a local equipment mover, such as Don R Fruchey Inc.