Making Sure You Choose The Right Material For Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is used in everything from refrigeration to construction. In order to use compressed air, the system needs to have hoses or pipes for the air to pass through. If you are setting up a compressed air piping system, you can't just stick any old pipe in the system; you have to make sure that you have the correct piping or the entire system will stop working. The problem is trying to get the right kind of piping. How do you choose what pipes are right for your needs?


One of the first things that you need to think about is what kind of material you want the pipe to be made of. There are a couple of materials that you can choose from. Each of them have their own pros and cons. 


The plastic category doesn't necessarily mean only plastic materials; rather, it encompasses any materials that aren't metal. However, thermoplastics are the material of choice. Benefits of using plastic air compressor piping are that they are much lighter to use than metal piping and the pipes are easier to install than metal is. You also don't have to weld the fittings together in order to connect the pipes. 

However, there are some limitations as well. One of those limitations is temperature. If the temperature gets too high, the plastic may start to fail. Various oils may also break down the piping.


Metal piping includes things like cast iron, copper, or aluminum. Each kind of metal works best in particular settings. For example, copper works best for particularly sensitive systems and systems that generate a lot of heat. One of the general benefits of using metal in air compressor systems is that it can withstand more temperature changes and more extreme temperatures than plastic can. It can also stand up to more rigorous use. 

Some of the problems with using metal are that installing it is a lot more expensive and difficult than installing plastic piping. That's because the fittings need to be welded together and may need to have other work done to make sure that the fittings stay as solid as they should. 

Choosing which pipes you should use starts with choosing the proper material. Make sure you have the materials that will work best for your particular system. Making sure that your air compressor system works the way that it should will ensure that your business keeps going the way that it should.