Don't Go On Vacation Until You Have Secured Your Garage

If a burglar finds out that you are going on vacation, your garage will be one area of your home likely to be targeted. To avoid having someone break into your garage, you should make sure that your garage door is extra secure.

Use Zip-Ties

Thieves are sometimes able to get inside your garage using a jimmy method. To prevent this, use a zip-tie on your emergency release switch. Simply insert the tie through the holes. Only use this for when you are going on vacation, since you will need the emergency release switch when you return home.

Unplug The Garage And Use Locks

Unplug the garage door opener. Another option is to use a vacation lock console. This will make it impossible for intruders to mimic the signal used to open your door. If you are purchasing a new garage door opener, make sure this comes as an accessory. If you do not have an opener, place a padlock on the inside of the garage door. Another option is to put a bolt into one of the holes on the garage door track, which will make it physically impossible for the door to be opened. There are locks sold that are designed specifically for garage overhead doors. They are attached on the inside and allow a latch to slide into place, blocking the door from opening.

Don't Leave Your Remote In The Car

If you are not taking your car with you, do not leave the garage remote in your car. It is so easy to break into a car and simply take the remote. Instead, keep the remote on a keychain so it is with you at all times. Then, if you lose the remote, you will know to have the signal for your garage door changed.

Use Motion Lights

Adding motion lights near your garage will fool burglars into believing that you are still home. Even if they aren't fooled, they won't be able to break into your garage under the cover of darkness. Also, consider getting a timer that causes your garage light to turn on so that intruders believe that you are still home.

Close Blinds And Curtains

If your garage has windows, make sure they are covered with blinds or curtains so that burglars do not know when you are not home. Better yet, have a garage constructed that does not have windows in the first place.