Choosing The Right Casters And Wheels For Your Industrial Equipment

When you are in charge of selecting the right equipment for your industrial warehouse, you may find yourself making a wide variety of decisions about the materials that you use. Among some of the most important components of your industrial equipment are the caster and wheels you use on dolly carts, storage racks, and the like. So, as you find yourself needing to choose casters and wheels for your equipment, you may wonder what factors you need to consider when selecting your casters and wheels. Then you will be sure that you make the right choice for your warehouse needs.

What The Wheels And Casters Are Made Of

Wheels and casters can be made of many materials. Each has its benefits and its drawbacks. The strongest material available for this equipment is steel. Steel casters and wheels are durable and can carry a heavier load than any other materials.

Metal like steel does not give way easily and is not susceptible to bending or breaking under the pressure of even tens of thousands of pounds of weight. This makes steel ideal for an industrial warehouse because the loads and equipment you will use and store is often quite heavy. However, steel casters and wheels are often not quiet when in use if noise is an issue. They can also be somewhat hard on floors.

Other options for caster and wheel materials include soft or more rigid rubber, polyurethane, or even industrial plastic. These materials are often more quiet and provide better cushioning for the floor, but cannot withstand as much weight or pressure and may need to be replaced more often.

The Size Of The Wheels And Casters

When it comes to your casters and wheels, size does matter. The width of the wheels can affect maneuverability as well as strength and durability. Your choice in size depends on what qualities you are looking for in your industrial warehouse equipment.

If you need to carry heavier loads with your equipment, then you will want to choose casters and wheels that are larger and wider. This provides better stability and weight distribution as you add more to your dolly care of storage racks. On the other hand, if you need to maneuver easily around narrow corners and into tight spaces, then you will want to choose narrower wheels that have more flexibility and can turn easier.

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